Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Get Your Florida Pool Ready For Summer - 5 Essential To-Do's

For those of us living in South Florida, the backyard pool can be a year round enjoyment. Homeowners who benefit from competent weekly pool maintenance service generally do not need to address any specific concerns with pool chemistry or equipment as the summer approaches.  Although, I would recommend reviewing your pool's summer needs with your technician since pool chemistry requirements will change.  For the DIY homeowner, here are 5 essential to-do's that will ensure a safe and crystal clear pool this summer:

1.Have your water tested by a professional and make sure all of the necessary chemical adjustments are completed. Then continue to do weekly testing to ensure healthy balance.Heading into summer one of the most important chemical adjustment is stabilizer(cyniric acid). It is important to gradually raise the level if it requires more than 50-70 ppm, as the pool may need to acclimate to the new inactive chlorine levels.

2.Clean filter cartridge or diatomaceous earth monthly. If the cartridge is older than 1 year it is probably time to replace it(not all cartridges are created equal, check with your manufacturer specifications before purchasing a generic one). Proper filtration is key to healthy clean water.

3.Increase pump timer. Good filtration will achieve nothing if the pump is not running adequate hours. Most pools require a minimum of 8 hours pump run time to keep algae from occurring, and even longer for 2-speed or variable speed pumps, or if there is landscape debris. Each pool has different factors that contribute to the ideal amount of filtration hours.

4. Super-chlorinate or shock pool if you see any visible algae or green tinge to the water. After the shock is completed clean filter and adjust all chemical levels with in 24-48 hours. Tip: did you know a shock treatment will have a much greater success if you do not add stabilizer prior to shock but after.

5. Make sure water level is mid-tile and skimmer line is open. Adding fresh water is important to keep a healthy balance in the pool.

Floridas Finest Pools offers free water testing at its Boca Raton showroom location or as part of an onsite service quote.  We also offer a variety of weekly pool service plans for those of us that prefer to sit back in our lounge chair and supervise the work !!